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March 19, 2019

The Busy Family’s Guide to Healthy Kids

by Dr. Monica Moore
Parenting kids and keeping them healthy is challenging in this new age when you have so many other obligations. I’m a pediatrician, mom, and wife and I’ve been there...rushing home from work, trying to make sure your kids get a healthy home cooked meal, helping with homework, getting kids to bed and trying to find time to care for yourself. So, how do you keep your kids healthy while excelling in all areas of life. Here are 5 quick and easy tips...

Take a Daily Multivitamin

Let’s face it, children don’t always eat as healthy as we’d like. A daily multi-vitamin is the key to making sure your kids receive the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and keep disease away.

Make Exercise a Habit

Make movement a habit in your household. Encourage what your child enjoys. 30 minutes per day of aerobic activity is ideal. In addition, family walks after dinner or trips to the park can get the entire family moving and more healthy.

Prepare Your Food Ahead of Time

Meal prepping can help save you time and ensure that your kids get a healthy meal. Set aside a few hours on Sunday to make enough to last through the beginning of the week and freeze for later in the week. You can also make healthy smoothies or overnight oats ahead of time so kids can enjoy healthier breakfast options.

Create Daily Affirmations and Routines

Mental health is just as important as physical health. There are so many things that seek to tear our children down or leave them feeling anxious and depressed. By encouraging your children to recite daily morning affirmations, you can help build their confidence and ensure that their day begins with positivity. Also, having a daily routine helps kids to know their role and learn independence. It takes away the mental stress that chaos and disorganization can cause.

Prioritize Quality Time

In order for our kids to be completely healthy, it is important that we pour into them and spend quality time with them. Having family night or specific time set aside to enjoy family helps cultivate the family unit and improve your child’s mental health. We want our kids healthy physically and mentally. By incorporating some of these tips into your routine, it is my hope that you will be well on your way to healthier, happier kids. Don’t aim to be a perfectionist, just strive to be present. To learn more about Dr. Monica, follow her on all social media @drmonicacares


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